Live Another Day has stunningly found a way to be one of, if not the craziest season of 24 yet. I didn’t think it was possible for a show that has detonated multiple nuclear bombs on U.S. soil to find new areas of crazy to explore, but holy hell did they find it. Let’s break down these last two episodes.


Heller does Wembley

It would be absolutely insane for a standing U.S. President to surrender himself to terrorists, but 24 found a way to make this somewhat plausible (at least by the show’s standards). Heller’s Alzheimer’s storyline led him to realize that maybe turning himself in to a homicidal terrorist wasn’t the worst option in the world.

Of course, it was the worst option in the world, but 24 did a hell of a job making us think they had gone through with it. Everyone but Jack is fair game, and it seemed like it was Heller’s time to go. Hour 8 ended with Heller looking like he had been blown to smithereens in the middle of Wembley friggin Stadium, but a number of 24 fans noted the lack of a silent clock to end the episode. That’s because no matter how badass Jack Bauer might be, 24 fans are still as nerdy as hardcore fans of any other show.

Lo and behold, Jack and Chloe fooled the drone camera into making the Al-Harazis think they had blown up the President of the United States, when in fact all they did was create a landscaper’s nightmare.


Margot and the non-nuclear drone drones

Sadly, we had to bid adieu to Michelle Fairley’s Margot Al-Harazi. Normally a 24 villain would stick around for 20 or so episodes, but we had an accelerated timetable to deal with here. Margot’s end came from an exceptionally violent Jack Bauer, which makes me wonder if there was some history there. She recognized Jack immediately upon seeing that security footage with Heller.

Jack has used especially aggressive language in his pursuit of Margo and her children. “Wake the bitch up!” stands out like a bloody stump of a thumb, along with stating just how darn much he hates these people. Jack’s infiltration of Al-Harazis building has some John McClane style improvisation, rappelling down the building and busting in through the window. I may have cackled when Jack grabbed Ian Al-Harazi and tossed him to his death. For a great breakdown on this, check out Danger Guerrero at Warming Glow.

Once he had Margot captured, I figured we would be waiting for an inevitably tense interrogation scene. Nope, Bauer just tossed her out the window. I was honestly shocked by Margot’s demise. I guess when you’ve got a couple more plots to wrap up, people need to go. Good night, sweet prince and terrorist queen.


Steve Navarro’s Wild Ride

So this season’s mole ended up being the head of the CIA, Steve Navarro. Benjamin Bratt’s character has been selling secrets to the Chinese and set up Kate’s husband. Navarro sent the world’s worst professional assassin out to kill his nosy tech guy and was on the verge of being discovered, so he planned his escape with the help of super evil British hacker dude (I’m a pro you guys).

Super evil British hacker dude wanted Navarro to steal big important tech dealie from the CIA. Thankfully for the villains, the CIA’s security procedures and access are just as terrible as the now defunct CTU. Watching Navarro sweat while Jack got closer and closer to discovering his mole status was hilarious.


Hello Darkness 24 Navarro


What’s a beleaguered mole to do?

Apparently all he has to do is wait for a timely phone call from an ex-lover to come in on Bauer’s phone so that he can work his magic. Navarro puts his tech into a sleeper hold and actually pulls the old “shhhhhh” on him as he does it. Holy shitballs.


24 Shhhhhh


I tried to recall where I had seen that before. It took me half a day, but then I remembered America’s sweetheart, Wayne Brady, when he appeared on Chappelle’s Show.


Wayne Brady Shhhhh


Only 3 hours left, you guys!