Perhaps you’ve read one of the millions of “Essential Apps” stories floating around the web. If so, you have likely noticed how they all seem to mimic each other without ever providing any information that you do not already know.

“Did you know that Evernote is great? It’s essential! You need to have it! It will change your life!”

Evernote is just one of the many apps that I downloaded on every one of my devices and then proceeded to never use again. While it excels at what it does, perhaps you are like me and simply have no need for that or already have an app or method to fill that need.

So, let’s try something different and pick some apps you likely will not see anywhere else (except for one).


Robinhood is a zero commission stock trading app that aims to democratize the process of investing. The interface is clean and the process is intuitive. It is perfect for stock market novice and pro alike. The app is invitation only at this point but you can sign up for an invitation now!  Link


Are you one of the 10 people in the United States who did not get a Fitbit this holiday season? No worries. Fitbit is still a terrific platform to help you with your New Year’s Resolution to get healthy. The device may track steps and sleep but, without it, you can still track your food and count calories, set goals for yourself, keep tabs on your weight and BMI as well as befriend people and use them as motivation to get healthy. Link


If you make a good number of purchases that require delivery, Slice is the perfect app for you. It uses your email address(es) to search online retailers for your account and then sends you notifications on items being shipped to you as well as items you have shipped out. It’s especially helpful if you want to know when a package is out for delivery so that you can make sure you are home to receive it. Link


Tweetbot is far from a new app but you will be hard-pressed to find a better Twitter app. The UI is terrific, it allows you to connect to multiple accounts and it requires more than a simple swipe or tap to quickly perform the action you want. Link


If you own a business, run a blog or are just kind of nosy, Perch will make your life easier. With Perch, you can follow the social media accounts of your competition and get scheduled notifications on the most popular posts from their accounts as well as your own. Link


No matter how many times this app has been mentioned in other lists, in good conscience, I cannot leave it out of this list. 1Password is perhaps the most essential app available. Link


The first three golden rules of web accounts are security, security, security. With Google’s Authenticator app, you can add an extra layer of security to many of your profiles by enabling two-factor authentication in conjunction with Authenticator. If you think that extra few seconds it takes to use this is inconvenient, just ask the people who have had their accounts hacked and private info stolen how they feel. Link