Just a month after winning its third consecutive Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Animated Series, Archer was nominated for the Outstanding Animated Program Emmy Award.

H. Jon Benjamin, who was nominated for a 2010 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for Archer, will be competing against himself this year as Bob’s Burgers is also up for the same Emmy.

Bob’s Burgers has been nominated for a number of Primetime Emmys and has also lost out to Archer at the Critics’ Choice Awards for Best Animated Series in the past.

H. Jon Benjamin has certainly been making an impression — on and off the screen (Said Ripley to the Android Bishop). Nameberry named Archer was the most quickly rising boy’s name to date in 2014.

I know, right?

Maybe Strong Bad won’t be far behind.

After posting an April Fool’s Homestar Runner video online, the series’ co-creator, Matt Chapman, stated that he is bringing Homestar back. Here is the video:

Chapman stated that the video was his way to “see if anyone gives a crap” about the series anymore. Turns out the response was overwhelmingly positive.

The series has been dormant since 2010.

Back in 2000, Chapman and co. pitched Homestar Runner to Cartoon Network before Adult Swim was launched. The channel passed on the show and Chapman decided to let it grow organically online.

“The first two years of it were just like this fun thing we were doing in our spare time. It was no different for us than making a weird ‘zine at Kinko’s or making a crappy album with our friends on a four-track,” said Chapman about Homestar’s humble origins.

Chapman and his brother taught themselves Flash, HTML, and other web technologies in order to create the site. In 2002, their dad suggested they should quit their day jobs and focus on the site full time.

“Nothing has topped — basically, even the stuff I did out in California in the industry, quote unquote — never came close to touching how awesome it was to do  Homestar Runner full time for a living,” continued Chapman.

He considers their decision to do Strong Bad emails on a weekly basis the tipping point for the site.

For the sake of all Strong Bad fans out there, including myself, hopefully the Chapmans can take it to the limit and resume doing the show full time for a living.

You can listen to Matt Champan’s interview on the Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show here: