I’m going to jump right into this. The market is SATURATED with personal trainers, CrossFit coaches, “health” coaches, etc. You absolutely need to research your trainers before you commit. It’s no different than buying a car, tv, cell phone, or mail-order bride (wait, what?).

The other day, a friend of mine contacted me to help her with her squat. After watching a her do a few unloaded squats, I noticed a couple things and gave her a few tips to improve. Sure enough, she was squatting just fine within minutes. No, this isn’t an endorsement for myself (seriously, my prices are reasonable).

Next, she told me that her trainer told her after a workout, “Your squat is wrong, you are ‘butt winking’.” I asked what he did to help fix that and the answer was “nothing.” If you have a trainer that tells you you’re doing something wrong without even the slightest suggestion on how to fix it, fire them immediately.

The same person told me that she was going to a friend’s gym that just opened. These people went to a two-day course and opened the gym. Think about this for a second…

Anybody can make you workout and jump around for 45 minutes, slap a name like INSANITY on it, and market themselves as a trainer. Just because you sweat doesn’t mean the workout is safe or effective.

There are a lot of really good trainers out there with EXPERIENCE, credentials, and reviews. You need to find these guys. You need to find a trainer that can not only make you work out, but can also teach you something in the process. That is what training is all about.

Being able to tell someone they’re doing something wrong doesn’t make them a good coach. Identifying the weakness and correcting the problem does. A really good trainer doesn’t see dollar signs, they see people they can reach.