I didn’t watch the Emmys, mostly because FXX is still playing every episode of The Simpsons. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know Season 10 is where things start to go sour, but it’s still got Pinchy and Mark Hamill and Max Power. I couldn’t resist.

I didn’t miss too much since most of the same people won from the previous year(s). Breaking Bad’s final half season deservingly kicked ass in drama, taking home awards for Best Series, Actor, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Writing, and fictional beer.

Matthew McConaughey’s existential Rust Cohle would have won any other year, but he wasn’t going to beat out the final stand of one of television’s greatest monsters. Bryan Cranston deserved everything he got for his performance as Walter White. Now that Cranston’s done dominating the field, hopefully Jon Hamm can finally snag an award for all the fine work he’s done as Don Draper over the years when Mad Men wraps up next year.

Anna Gunn and Aaron Paul were also very deserving of their Emmys. Skyler had her most gut wrenching turn on Breaking Bad in “Ozymandias”, dealing with Walter at his worst. Jesse Pinkman went through hell in the final 8 episodes and Paul had to transform the once joyous stoner into an empty shell of grief and pain.

Modern Family also won best comedy series for the fifth year straight, a number that has opened a miniature black hole in my mind and forced my head to collapse upon itself. I tried Modern Family and no sir, I don’t like it. I will never fathom how it can beat out the likes of VeepLouieCurb Your Enthusiasm30 Rock, and so on. Perhaps it is both my lack of modernness and a family that prevents me from seeing the inherent hilarity in Sofia Vergara screeching. We will never know.

Jim Parsons inexplicably came away with his fifth Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series in six years. The miniature black hole has now expanded to consume my entire house. The Big Bang Theory is a divisive show, inspiring either total love or total loathing. I’m firmly on the side of loathing. Personal feelings aside, I can’t understand how he’s won so many times, although the competition this year was unusual. The one year Parsons didn’t win it? Jon Cryer for Two and a Half Men in 2012. Shake your damn heads, and shake them hard.

At least Julia Louis-Dreyfus won the award for best actress in a comedy series for her work on Veep. She kicks major ass the beleaguered Vice President of the United States and is doing some of the best work of her entire career.

Julianna Margulies won for her performance on The Good Wife. I don’t watch The Good Wife, but people seem to like it a whole lot. Robin Wright was nominated for House of Cards and Lady MacBeth 2000 would have been a worthy winner, as would Lizzy Caplan for her role as Virginia Johnson on Masters of Sex. I see Claire Danes was nominated for the third season of Homeland, but I was of the understanding that we all agreed that season never happened.

Orange is the New Black didn’t walk away with any awards, despite its universal acclaim. The Netflix series is in an odd territory, as it’s not strictly dramatic, but it’s definitely not a comedy. The show being nominated for all of its award as a comedy does it no favors.

Cary Fukunaga won the Emmy for best directing in a drama series for his work on True Detective. He did spectacular work, and while we’ve seen some great direction on series over the years, no one had strung together 8 episodes of gorgeous television like Fukunaga did this year. The show wouldn’t have had the same impact on audiences without him.

You can find the rest of the Emmy winners listed here.