CBS, a network often mocked for its thousands of procedurals, safe choices, and broad comedies, is jumping into the superhero game. The network has already ordered a series based on Supergirl, without even seeing a pilot.

Greg Berlanti and Ali Adler will be developing the show for America’s most popular network that no one you know watches. Berlanti has developed Arrow and The Flash over on the CW. Now that I’ve seen those names typed right next to each other, I want them to mixed together into a combined show. Wait, no, Flash Arrow sounds like a show about a super powered exhibitionist.

On the one hand, it’s great to see another female fronted superhero project. Agent Carter will be premiering on ABC in January and looks to be a lot of fun. The Jessica Jones Netflix series has some great source material, whenever the hell that gets made. Eventually Marvel will get around to doing something with Ms./Captain Marvel. Maybe we’ll even get that ultra serious Wonder Woman movie that Warner Bros will force on us since they outlawed fun in DC based movies.

On the other hand, why do we need another version of Supergirl? The 80s already gave us a perfect Supergirl movie!*

*Steve does not actually endorse watching the Supergirl movie without the aid of a handle of booze.