A day of hooky from work turned out to be one hell of a boat trip for the guys from Cheers.

Ted Danson, who played the pothead magazine editor, George Christopher, in the series Scared to Death, joined known drug advocate Woody Harrelson and George Wendt on John Ratzenberger’s boat for a ride to Catalina while the ladies of Cheers filmed their parts of an upcoming episode.

“We’d never done anything wrong before,” said Danson to GQ. “John had a boat, so we met at Marina del Rey at 8 a.m. We all called in sick, and Jimmy caught on and was so pissed. Woody and I were already stoned, and Woody said, “You want to try some mushrooms?” I’d never had them, so I’m handed this bag and I took a fistful. On our way to Catalina, we hit the tail end of a hurricane, and even people who were sober were getting sick. Woody and I thought we were going to die for three hours. I sat next to George, and every sixty seconds or so he’d poke me and go, ‘Breathe.’ And I’d come back to life.”

I can’t say that I am advocating drug use but I have to imagine it would have been one hell of an experience to witness this.

Danson, however, felt differently.

“I feel like an absolute idiot,” said Danson to Conan O’Brien. “I ruined what I hear could have been a nice experience.”

Below is a video from earlier this year in which Danson briefly discusses the experience with Conan O’Brien.