Working with a Trainer

So you’ve bought yourself a few sessions or months with a personal trainer… Awesome! A trainer can show you how to safely and effectively work out and get into shape. They will teach you basic lifts, offer tips, etc. Sounds amazing, right? OK! See you guys next week. Just kidding! (Hey I’m a trainer, not a comedian…)

Exercise alone isn’t going to get you into great shape.  This article is going to talk about diets fads, eating right, and why it may not be your trainer’s fault that you aren’t losing fat.


This is a major issue I see with clients: eating whatever they want 80% of the time and eating well maybe 20% of the time (the 20% is a very generous number given by me).  We’ve all seen the same tired meme with the hot girl kicking a bag with boxing gloves on that says, “You can’t out-train a bad diet”. As cliche as that sounds, it is truth.

Plain and simple, you cannot eat fast food, fried food, and drink alcohol and then do two-a-days to make up for it. If you could, I would have started doing that ages ago!  In all seriousness, in order to lose fat, you need to treat food as fuel.  You’re not going to get the nutrients you need from a #7 with a diet coke. You need to eat REAL food – anything that grows on the earth, anything that roams the earth, and anything that doesn’t have a five-year expiration date.

My Trainer Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing

The next issue is blaming the trainer for not reaching any of your goals and then impulsively switching to some jackass that I already spoke about in an earlier piece: avoid these idiots .  These guys are great (eye roll). They might make you squat on a ball and do a bunch of circus tricks to make you feel like you’re working out hard, until the sessions end and you still haven’t changed much.Anyone can make you run around and sweat. The question is, are they choosing the right workout for you?

Here is the secret: If you eat right, you can get results from any trainer. I can’t stress enough that you need to be picky about choosing your trainer and once you do, you need to be HONEST with them.  If they ask you to keep a food journal, do it.  This will help you see what you’re really consuming throughout the day and it will help them choose a program for you and make nutritional suggestions.  Even the best trainers can only base an program off of what you are telling them.

I Don’t Know What the Hell I’m Doing

People know more about what supplements they need and which ingredient they couldn’t spell even with a spell checker than they do about making a sensible food choice. Stop making nutrition more complicated than it is. I’m going to make this really simple. First put down the 47 different diet magazines and unfavorite all the celebrity weight loss websites.

Alright, now that that’s out of the way, listen closely. Eat less bread and pasta. Don’t complicate it, just eat less of it. Save it for “special” meals. Replace it with vegetables and fruit. With those fruits or vegetables mix in some meat. Stop drinking anything but water, regular tea, and black coffee–keep it to mostly water though.

For snacks, sneak in those weird almond things. There are a lot of creative options you can do with meals by going on Pinterest or just Googling “Primal” or “Paleo” meals (nobody hates buzzwords like Paleo and primal more than I do, but just trust me on this.) You’d be surprised how many questions I get on this. Keep it simple. You’ll get into a routine after a week or so of eating like this.

What the Hell is Eating Clean!?

I’ll tell you what, every client that I’ve ever questioned about their diet always answers with, “I try to eat clean”. Yeah, you too? I tried it once and wound up in the Hospital!


Eating Too Little, Working Out Too Much

“I’m not achieving results YOU promised, so I’m trying this new 800 calorie diet and adding more classes”. No… First of all you’re creating an environment in your body that will cause you to lose weight from your muscles and grind your metabolism to a halt. You’ll probably lose 20 pounds and tell all your friends. You’ll all lose weight and be happy, and then wonder why a few weeks later the weight is back, but worse than before. There is no better way to feel miserable all the time and especially lousy while working out, than attempting this kind of diet. I don’t have enough fingers to count on where I’ve had to see clients get sent home or have the paramedics called because of this.

Workouts don’t have to be difficult to be effective. Your diet doesn’t need to be complicated. Trainers will always know when they’re being lied to–especially when the majority of their clients are enjoying success. It doesn’t mean to give up either. It means you are likely missing some important things in your diet and that is likely the root of your inability to lose fat. Give my suggestions an honest shot and you will be shocked at what happens.


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