Despite being marked for death numerous times by NBC, and even executed after its fifth season, Community has risen again. The show about a community college — but not really — has survived on a thin diet of nuts and berries to this point.

NBC, the same network that fired Dan Harmon and gave us the show’s horrendous fourth season, decided to part ways with the Greendale crew. It wasn’t a huge surprise to see it canceled. The show’s ratings have always been fairly terrible. Yet, it was disappointing after seeing it bounce back from its gas-leak fourth year. In fact, many have argued that the fifth season of Community was the show’s second-best. The rallying cry has always been #SixSeasonsAndAMovie, and we all know that popular hashtags are as good as legally-binding contracts.

Community has been shot, stabbed, and buried six feet under, and yet here it is, returning for a sixth season. Of course, this sixth season is on Yahoo Screen and…well, no one really knew that Yahoo had a streaming video service. But maybe, just maybe, people will know now.

Dan Harmon’s show is often brilliant, and goes its own way no matter what. Harmon gives zero shits about accessibility, which really makes it amazing that it’s made it this far. Even when Community misses, it’s still ambitious. TV needs more of this, so it’s undoubtedly a good thing that Yahoo has saved Greendale once more.