History, the Funny or Die viral sensation turned Comedy Central show, is set to make its glorious return on July 1.

The show consists of inebriated narrators retelling historical stories to the show’s equally intoxicated host, Derek Waters. Notable actors, such as Jack Black, Bob Odenkirk, Owen Wilson, Adam Scott, and countless others, act out the stories while lip syncing the narration.

If the narrator starts petting his cat, burps, or rambles on, the actors work it into the show. Or, Jenny Slate’s dog will bark and interrupt the story. At points, the show cuts back to clips of the narrator puking, crawling across the floor, cooking food, or god knows what else. Sometimes, Waters follows suit and pukes too.

In short, it is amazing. It’s a perfect blend of comedy, drunk people watching, and legitimate history lessons.

So, set your DVRs now and make sure you don’t miss an episode of season two.