Fitness Quest is a weekly column in which the journey of losing 90 pounds is chronicled online in hopes of helping other people as well as providing a catalyst for motivation.

I deal with fun things like depression and anxiety. With medication, a balanced daily routine and focus, I can keep it under control. When things that I cannot control spiral out of control, it can throw things out of balance and start to chip away at the armor.

That was the case last month. Everything that could go wrong managed to go wrong. There’s no need to elaborate on details here but, let’s just say that it took its toll on my diet.

After a really good week where I lost nearly 5 pounds and was on the verge of hitting the 35 pound mark, the shit hit the fan and the fan was on and I was standing underneath it.

Suddenly, everything changed. I was sleeping 3-4 hours per night. My mood was erratic. I was reclusive. I skipped meals and snacks and began choosing french fries over fruits and chicken cheesesteaks over grilled chicken salads. Delivery orders replaced grocery shopping.

Plain and simple, I made mistakes and I would gain or lose two pounds over the course of a day.

It’s not a good feeling. None of it was.

Fortunately, the storm has passed and things are back within my control. My mood has stabilized. My sleep patterns are better. My weight is manageable.

There is still one nagging issue, though. The bad dietary habits did not stop as quickly as they restarted. As of the time I am writing this article, it is still a struggle. I am slowly making changes but still making some bad decisions. I am confident I will get fully back on track but it took an important lesson to regain that confidence. I had to learn patience.

It is always important to realize — and remember — that this is not just a quick and easy fix. It is a slow process and a lifestyle change. Do not not let early positive results fool you into believing you can continue to lose 30 pounds every two months. Also, do not let setbacks stand in your way. If you fall off the bike, you get back on the damned bike.