Fitness Quest is a weekly column in which the journey of losing 90 pounds is chronicled online in hopes of helping other people as well as providing a catalyst for motivation.

Don’t believe the hype. It’s not all fun and games until somebody shoots the button off their pants.

That’s partially because clothes are an issue. All of the stores that once helped you compile your reasonably fashionable wardrobe are no longer an option. Search through the racks all you want but you won’t find your size. That means you have to find new stores where the clothes aren’t exactly fashionable — why do so many fat dudes wear Hawaiian shirts?– or shop the pretty limited options online and hope that things fit right.

Clothes are not the first issue you run into during the day, though.

First, you wake up groggy after hitting the snooze button a ton of times because you could not sleep well. You tossed and turned all night and laid awake for hours staring at the ceiling because you had too much energy to burn off. When you finally did fall asleep, you snored all night, keeping your partner up.

Then, after your shower, you attempt to wrap yourself in one of the towels you received a wedding gift, only to discover it could not take any more and began fraying at the edges.

As you search through your closet for something to wear, you push aside the fancy Banana Republic and Urban Outfitter clothes that no longer fit until you finally come across a flannel you purchased on Amazon or some place with a name synonymous to Fat Barn.

At this point, you are running late for work. So, you run out and speed to work, skipping breakfast or making a quick stop for an unhealthy breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. As you walk from your car to your desk, you pant. If the temperature is any higher than 68 degrees, you sweat. It’s sad and slightly pathetic.

Lunch and dinner are a smorgasbord of terrible foods, usually featuring cheese fries, buffalo wings and sugary drinks. At 11:30, you are starving for lunch. At 4:00, you are starving for dinner. To compensate, you hit the vending machine or convenience store and pick up a junk food.

As you walk around, your knees pop and feel like they might buckle at any point in time. Running is no longer an option to get healthy. It is now a serious risk to blow out your knees. Your back hurts. On the weekends, you just want to nap. Each new doctor’s visit, you need to go through a new barrage of tests and are told to take new medications to compensate for your poor habits.

You try to rationalize this by saying ludicrous things like, “How many obese people do you see with cancer?” You know it’s not true but you try to convince yourself of it anyway.

Oh, and it’s very expensive to be obese — but more on that soon. People say it’s expensive to eat healthy but, to be blunt, they are wrong.

Starting weight: 278 lbs
Current weight: 245.1 lbs