Fiverr offers some quick and easy services from having a simple graphic made, to having a song written about you, or getting an SEO report on your website. It has it all and more. Some of these services are very practical but we combed through the site to find five of the most amazing Fiverrs around.

5. I will get ghetto for $5

There are so many things I love about this guy, from the box of Axe products, to the stained tee to his amazing introduction video. He will “tell your boss to go f**k himself,” “tell that learned (?) lady to get lost,” or even “serenade her.” His only condition? That you put that five in his pocket so he can get down to the store and get that 40. [link]


4. I will climb king coconut tree and find your website or any message for $5

Ishan, a pleasant, shirtless Sri Lankan man, offers up his unique skill to you. For five bucks, he will do exactly what the title says: climb up a coconut tree, look around like a Survivor contestant with love handles and pull out a message. His intro video shows him sliding down the coconut tree spreading your message in what appears to be a form of uncomfortable torture. With his legs wrapped around the side of the tree, you may cringe as you wonder if his junk is getting splintered on the way down. For an extra $5, he’ll toss in a “dance 30 seconds funny dance.” Honestly, I just want to send him $20 so he can buy a jock strap and protect himself. [link]

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 9.43.03 PM

3. I will rub ketchup and mustard on my fat belly and sing happy birthday in my underwear for $5

This person will pretty much do anything while rubbing condiments, syrups and the like over his stomach and chest. Although it does not appear that he has spread ice cream on himself yet, he’s definitely representing Mr. Softy. [link]

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 10.02.32 PM

2. I will create an Amazon wishlist for your cosplay for $5

Do you like dressing up in costumes and living in the world of a fictional character? If so, it is likely very time consuming. While you’re running around as Raiden and impressing all of you fellow Metal Gear friends, you probably don’t have the time to create a wish list of all the thinks Raiden may need. Fret not friends, this cosplayer will create your wish list for you. Or your character. Or whatever. [link]

Screen Shot 2014-07-05 at 10.03.44 PM

1. I will armpit fart for you and say anything for $5

I don’t… I just can’t… I mean, what? I kind of just want her to say, “This is a terrible idea” in sync with the farting. I’m having a hard time reading the list of services on her professional website but armpit farting does not seem to be listed.  [link]