Recently, Tech Radar wrote a somewhat questionable article listing five reasons the Apple Watch will fail. I would like to counter with my own list as to why the Watch will not fail.

1. People do not know what they want

Steve Jobs operated under the assumption that people were unable to articulate what it was that they wanted out of technology and that he and Apple needed to show the general public. Tech Radar claims that the watch lacks a defining must-have feature, unlike the iPod and the iPad. Well, when the iPod and iPad came out, people claimed the same thing. If memory serves me correctly, Tim Cook even took a jab at similar statements regarding previous devices at the keynote speech introducing the Apple Watch.

2. It has no competition

Want a smart watch that works with iOS? Well, you can buy a Pebble that looks like it was designed in 1982 and can hold a whopping four apps! Or, you can buy the MB Chronowing. What’s the Chronowing, you ask? Exactly. People who have Android phones have plenty of smart watch options . Nearly 20% of the U.S. population owns an iPhone and has no compatible wearable.

3. Fitbit has made me want to wear a watch again

I clearly cannot speak for everyone here but, as a Fitbit owner, I find myself often looking at my wrist and finding myself annoyed by the “dumb” device. I want to see out the time, read an incoming text message or email, etc. The vibrations and blinking lights on the Fitbit Flex offer little in terms of functionality. So, why not wear a smart watch that can also handle the limited functionality that a Fitbit also offers instead?

4. Not only do you not have to carry it but it keeps you also don’t have to pull out your phone

As you may have noticed by now, each one of these reasons is a direct response to the corresponding Tech Rader reason. TR claims the Apple Watch is another device you have to carry. Who the hell carries a watch? You wear it. That’s the point of wearable devices. In many instances, the Apple Watch will also prevent you from having to dig around for that phone you are already carrying. Personally, I hate pulling out my phone every time there is a notification throughout the course of a day, which happens a lot when you run your own business, two blogs, do freelance and have a wife who likes to text. If I could keep working and conveniently see notifications on my wrist without being disrupted, I’d love it.

5. When has price ever stopped someone from buying an Apple device?

An unsubsidized iPhone 6 costs between $600 and $900. (Don’t fool yourself into thinking that $199 subsidized or downpayment price is the final cost of your phone because the rest is built into your phone contract.) An iPad starts at $399 for the new Mini. Hell, a 64GB iPod runs $300. When put in perspective, $350 for an Apple Watch should not cause sticker shock to anyone.


The Apple Watch may or may not revolutionize the watch market like the iPhone did with cell phones but that does not mean it will fail. There is plenty of area in between to makes its mark on the smart watch market.