There’s a million lists floating around the internet right now about how the world be a much better place in 2015 if people stop using internet jargon or videotaping their cats and other useless shit nobody should care about either way. Let’s deviate from that and talk about some stuff that should actually stop happening in 2015 or now, really.

1. Let’s stop killing each other

Hey, here’s a novel idea, stop fucking killing people. I mean, do I really need a reason for this?

2. Let’s stop being so judgmental 

Spewing vile, uninformed opinions all over the internet on every controversial topic does not make anyone an expert on any matter. What is even worse is claiming that other people are the ignorant ones.

3. Let’s at least consider taking climate change seriously

This is probably about as reasonable a request as demanding world peace but it is worth a shot. Rising sea levels, monster storms, continually unseasonable and unpredictable weather are not coincidences or isolated incidents. It’s beyond me that, by this point in time, we are not having open discussions and taking appropriate measures to deal with this.

4. Let’s be tolerant

Democrat, Republican, black, white, gay, straight — however you define yourself, let’s be accepting of that. Just stop it with the bullying, the hate crimes and the intolerance. It solves nothing. Nothing.

5. Let logic and common sense reign supreme

The biggest failure of 2014 has to be the lack of common sense used in decision making processes clear across the board. If we can’t figure out the climate change thing, we should at least work on this.