At this point, Paula Abdul’s 1989 hit “Opposites Attract” is probably best known for being parodied on Family Guy. You know the bit. Even Peter Griffin changing the lyrics to “and I’m dressed like a cat” doesn’t really scratch the surface of just how bizarre this video is.

“Opposites Attract” opens with the real star of the production, “MC Skat Kat”, essentially farting through a smokestack and doing a cat rap. If only I could be as cool as MC Skat Kat.

Opposites Attract Smokestack Fart

He’s going to spend the entire video hitting on Paula Abdul, for you see he is the complete opposite of her. As in he is a male, animated feline and she is a real human woman. He attempts to touch Abdul, but he is burnt. I assume that God himself burnt MC Skat Kat, as to prevent the abomination that would be their human-cat hybrid children.

Opposites Attract Red Hot

Sadly, that does not stop the madness. The flirtation continues as Skat views Ms. Abdul through the sexiest of lenses: 80s sunglasses. De bow bow. Chick. chickachickaaaaaahhhhhh.

Opposites Attract Sunglasses

This obsession leads MC Skat Kat to an uncomfortable attempt at seduction on a stripped down car seat in an alley. No means no you monster!

Opposites Attract Assault

Eventually, MC Skat Kat tires of his meddling friends. Cat cock blockers if you will. What do you do when you tire of your idiot friends? Kick them in the face, of course.

Opposites Attract Kick

He eventually wears her down with his charming flat top hair cut and suspenders. It’s at this juncture that MC Skat Kat and Paula Abdul decide that yes, they need to dress up right proper and tap dance. Maybe, despite their differences, they really do belong together. How could I have been so short-sighted?

 Opposites Attract Tap Dancing

The two of them show us all what true love is. Cross species/animated relationships really can work. Watching these two crazy kids walk off into the sunset together changed me. Made me into a better man.

Opposites Attract Sunset

And that’s the story of how MC Skat Kat defied God himself and met your mother, Lion-O.

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