I was going to tackle some hair metal in today’s edition of Flashback Friday, but then I remembered that Suge Knight’s dear friend Rob “Vanilla Ice” Van Winkle was accused of stealing a bunch of stuff from a home. He even went out and claimed that he was just dumpster diving for it. Oh Ice, never change.

“Ice, Ice Baby” is too obvious of a target. My love of “Ninja Rap” has already been explored on this site. So we need something else out of Ice’s collection. An Ice deep track, if you will. I came upon the glory of “Rollin’ in My 5.0” off of Extremely Live. According to Wikipedia, the Limp Bizkit song “Rollin’” paid tribute to this, which makes so much sense for that overturned outhouse of a band.

The first thing you’ll notice is that Ice has used the Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like an Eagle” for his primary sample. Yeah, this one is a real treat. Apparently Ice has performed “Fly Like an Eagle” on stage with the Steve Miller Band, which makes me all kinds of sad.

As for the video, it’s about as 90s as Vanilla Ice himself. Look at that combination of washed out and neon colors! Those cuts! Those dance moves! I want to throw a Betamax copy of this into a time capsule.

Vanilla Ice Miami Beach

Ice, as a rapper, has no time for the law, unless the law happens to be a hot blonde lady.

 Vanilla Ice Lady Cop

Most of the video is a tribute to his 5.0. I’m wondering where he got his hat bedazzled. Is it a tribute to Freddie Mercury? The odds on favorite is mall kiosk, but there is a significant chance that Grandma Ice did it for him on a particularly dull afternoon. She’s a sweet lady.

 Vanilla Ice Bedazzled

There’s some extended silhouette dancing, follow by some weird segment that reminds me of the Blossom intro. Mr. Van Winkle then takes the time to remind of how his name is spelled and just how well things are going for him. I’m swell, thanks for asking!

Everywhere you look! There's a heart!
In my opinionation

The rest of the video is just more embarrassing dancing and hot Miami ladies. Sadly, there isn’t a ridiculous narrative to follow. It’s just Ice doin’ his thing. Imagine a young Fred Durst watching this, tears of joy streaming down his red backwards Yankees hat clad head. Actually, maybe we should destroy every copy of this, just in case it leads to another Limp Bizkit.

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