Back in September 2013, FX made the odd decision to launch a second channel, devoted solely to comedy. FXX has been around for nearly a year, yet most of the world isn’t aware that it exists. It’s buried, deep at the end of your cable listings, along with softcore porno and the HD channel for HBO 3 that you lazily skip to by selecting the “watch in HD” option.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The League air on FXX, but Archer doesn’t. Yes, you missed an entire season of Sunny. Yes, you should feel bad about it. FXX mixes sporadic reruns of Arrested Development  and Mad About You with enough airings of Bad Teacher and Knight and Day to make you wonder if Cameron Diaz has some sort of financial stake in the new channel. Does FXX need to exist? No, probably not.

But then, like so many tiny Japanese monsters, FXX collected every Simpsons episode ever. Springfield is making its debut on August 21st as FXX airs every episode over 12 days, 5 or so you’ll probably check out. There’s going to be synergy with the newest season of the show, which has been kept alive despite so many people screaming for Fox to pull the plug over the last 14 or so years.

The most impressive aspect of this plot for channel recognition is the Simpsons World app that FXX is rolling out in October. You will be able to watch any episode you want, as long as you have your cable  login and your provider has FXX. The app/platform/whoozywhatsits will have every dumb factoid that you need to look up because you’re headed to quizzo and the host looks like Comic Book Guy. You can watch any clip you want. You can just watch Üter eat all of the chocolate, or enjoy the entirety of the great Roy.

No longer will you have to go to the effort of loading a DVD into a player of some sort. No longer will you have to turn on Fox sometime after getting home from work and praying that they’ll be showing an episode from before 1998 and finding some crap from a couple years ago where Denis Leary loses a cell phone. You can finally enjoy the 40% of The Simpsons that you’ve been referencing for years at your own command.

Homer is ready!
Homer is ready!

There’s going to be so much Simpsons on TV that you will lose your mind and start shaking when you are not hearing Homer say d’oh. You will be Simpsons dependent. There is no cure. You will die yellow and shaking and happy. So pump those scrawny chicken legs, you stuperous funker and get ready to know that there is, in fact, a channel called FXX.