Early critics complained about the high cost of Amazon’s first smartphone, the Fire. Google apparently took that to heart.

The company announced Android One, a stripped down, affordable version of Android for smartphones with cut-rate data plans. Android One appears to be targeted at cash-strapped folks in India. With any luck, even the poorest of folks will be able to check Facebook on the toilet.

Google did not stop there, though. The company also took on Facebook’s Oculus with Google Cardboard. It is… cardboard!

Seriously. It’s cardboard. You fold it into a virtual reality interface that you put over your face with an Android device in tow and the Cardboard companion app turned on. It may blow your mind. It may leave you with a paper cut.

The tech giant also gave away 6,000 Android Wear smartwatches to developers in attendance because nothing says, “we are really confident in this product!” like giving it away in mass quantities.

Throughout the 3-hour+ long event, Google touched on a number of things like how an animating reload button will put a smile on your face!!!

This was part of Google’s Material Design introduction, a flat UI in Android L, the new OS that looks like iOS, which attempts to look like Android, with a little bit of Windows 8 thrown in to boot.

Perhaps the biggest announcement at I/O was Android TV, another set-top box in the insanely crowded set-top box market.

Google also jumped onto the health bandwagon with Google Fit, a platform that will share data between fitness equipment and your Android device.

We also hinted that Google would be looking to get into your vehicle back in March. Now, there is Google Auto. The Next Web plays around with it in the Audi A3.

Google made a number of other announcements today. If you 1/8 of a day to kill, check out the I/O video here: