On February 25, Merge Records reissued Superchunk’s sixth studio album, Indoor Living.

This 1997 rerelease comes with new liner notes and a bonus 14-track live set, Clambakes Vol. 8: We’d Like to Thank the Homecoming Committee, which was recorded live at Duke University in 1997. It is the latest release of the band’s Clambakes series. In addition to two cover songs, the recording also features some of Superchunk’s most notable titles, like “Driveway to Driveway” and “Precision Auto.”

Although Indoor Living is generally viewed as one of the band’s more average album that marked a shift to a slower pace and tone, I consider it to be their “Three Bears” album, where they got it just right. The album was neither too fast and raw nor was it too slow and overproduced. It’s a harmonious balance between these elements, making it a perfectly enjoyable album for all moods.

Grade: B+