Variety has reported that Justin Lin, the man behind 3 installments of the thought provoking and emotionally devastating Fast and the Furious series is in talks to direct some episodes of the second season of True Detective.

The first season was praised for its cinematography and direction under Cary Fukunaga, who had directed all 8 episodes. Negotiations with Lin suggests more action in season 2. Perhaps they’ll just film entire episodes as complicated uncut action sequences. 6 minutes? Pfft, that’s nothing. You can’t even get a proper ab workout done in 6 minutes.

Nic Pizzolatto had previously revealed that the second season will feature three leads and take place in California, a relatively unexplored area quite uncommon for movies and television shows to take place in. The Variety report states that there might actually be four leads, and that Colin Farrell, Taylor Kitsch, Vince Vaughn are in final negotiations to join, along with a female character with Elisabeth Moss and Rachel McAdams in the mix.

How the hell does that group come together? Colin Farrell has had a bizarre film career. Hollywood attempted to make him the Next Big Star™ back in the mid-whatever we called the last decade with mediocre-to-craptastic fare like Phone BoothDaredevil, and S.W.A.T. Taylor Kitsch, like Matthew McConaughey before him, is best known for playing a good old boy who just doesn’t know when to leave town alright, alright. Vince Vaughn made Delivery Man and The Internship in 2013, which were seen by about 45 people on a flight to the best of my knowledge. I would complain more, but then everyone would point to Woody Harrelson’s famous role on Cheers and every rom com in which McConaughey has taken his shirt off.

The female lead choices, however, are fantastic. Moss is terrific as Peggy Olson on Mad Men. She would be perfect for a role like this. McAdams has been great in stuff like Mean GirlsWedding Crashers, and Sherlock Holmes, and might be the more interesting choice for this project. It’s like choosing a meal at a fancy wedding. You’re getting something good regardless.

The levels of hype for True Detective’s second season are reaching dangerously high levels. They threaten to destroy the internet itself. Brace yourselves, the second season is coming.