Welcome to my Monday morning collection of thoughts.

Let’s talk about guns

I don’t know about you but I am getting to the point where I am desensitized to all of the mass murders that happen in this country and that is a terrifying thing. A term like “campus shooting” has become a part of our lexicon. Multiple lives are lost and numerous people are injured at Umpqua Community College and Jeb Bush can respond, “Stuff happens” without anyone batting an eyelash.

Why? It is because the story is no longer about the poor victims and their families. These events are merely excuses for the general public to further divide themselves along party lines.

“People kill people,” argues one party. “No, it’s the guns,” argues another. Meanwhile, nobody is doing a damned thing to prevent these murders.

I’d like to propose a truce. Let’s focus on the problem and work to resolve it. How about a compromise of both? How about an entirely new solution? The truth is that your beliefs do not matter as much as protecting our children matters.

Chip Kelly could benefit from common sense too

Hey, so this is a sharp left turn from the gun debate. My bad.

Can someone explain to me why you go out and get a guy like DeMarco Murray and then do not give him the ball? According to NFL.com, Murray has 29 attempts so far this season, which puts him on pace for roughly a third as many attempts as last season and half as many as the season before that. While Sam Bradford is busy throwing the ball 10′ over a receiver’s head, Murray and Darren Sproles are just sitting there twiddling their thumbs.

What was Carl Pei thinking?

OnePlus held such promise. The company could have reshaped the cell phone industry with their high-end specs, wallet-friendly prices and terrific Cyanogenmod OS. Too bad that has not been the case.

Not long before the OnePlus Two came out, OnePlus and Cyanogen parted ways and users were left with OxygenOS, a basic fork of Android created by OnePlus that went unmaintained for users of the One.

Pei abandoned his customer base to tout his new phone while shrugging his shoulders at users’ complaints and concerns. When the Two was released, it took over the One’s moniker of being a “flagship killer” but the press was not as impressed this time around.

Now, Pei has jumped on Samsung’s tip, asking the company for an internship. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

This summer, I stated that the best PR move OnePlus could make would be to shut Pei up. It might be too late. Without the stable footing of being a major player in the cell phone market, this risky move could affect the job security of the company’s employees.

From where I stand, none of this comes off as the sign of a good boss or a leader with a strategic vision. Rather, Pei appears to be impulsive and puts himself above the wellbeing of his products, customers and employees. I am afraid the Flagship Killer is sinking.