Perhaps Apple is suffering the phone version of penis envy.

Back in December, rumors began surfacing that Apple was working on a larger, more satisfying phone. As more details emerge, it appears Apple may be working on two separate phones, both with bigger screen sizes, to more adequately fill your pocket.

The larger iPhone 6 is said to be 5.5″ and the smaller may be 4.7″. For comparison, the screen size of the iPhone 5s is 4″ and the iPad Mini sports a 7.9″ display.

Personally, I still believe it’s not the size of the boat but the motion in the ocean.

As someone who tried switching to a Samsung Galaxy S3, I ultimately returned to the iPhone because it was completely useable with one hand. Apple seemed to put a focus on this and, to move away from it due to current trends would be a mistake.

The next iPhone will come with the typical array of upgrades to the processor, camera, and operating system. Of the all the iPhone rumors, the most fulfilling one would be if Apple switched from Gorilla Glass to Saphire Crystal, a more durable substance that is already used on parts of the iPhone.

Just imagine owning an iPhone for two years without ever cracking the screen.


Historically, Apple has launched devices in June/July or September/October, trending more towards autumn in recent years. Most likely, the 6 will come out around then, which would be roughly one year since the release of the iPhone 5s and 5c.