Fine, I’ll admit it. Hot Tub Time Machine was hilarious and the fact that they are making a sequel is really exciting. It doesn’t matter how ludicrous the concept or how banal the jokes, HTTM is a dumb guy comedy and that’s just fine by me.

IGN posted the first trailer for Hot Tub Time Machine 2 on YouTube last night and it is incredibly raunchy and NSFW. Oh, and it’s great.

The sequel starts in the altered present day where the original left off. Lou, played by Rob Corddry, is living large and as boastful as ever until he gets shot in the gut. In order to save him, the crew rushes to the time machine to go into the past and prevent the shooting from happening, except they find themselves 10 years in the future.

“The hot tub doesn’t take you where you want to go,” says Chevy Chase’s character, the repairman. “It takes you where you need to go.”

So, the gang gets into all sorts of mischief, finds plenty of T&A along the way and, of course, there’s plenty of degrading banter. But where did John Cusack go to?

According to Slash Film, Adam Scott, of Parks and Recreation and Party Down fame, stepped in last year. Whether the decision was Cusack’s or not is unclear. Lizzy Caplan, who co-starred in Party Down with Scott, appeared in the first film. It appears that she will not be back for the sequel either.

Scott is not assuming Cusack’s role. He is playing a different character in the film. Gillian Jacobs, who acted in Community with Chevy Chase, will be in the sequel. Thomas Lennon, who also appeared in an episode of Party Down, joined the cast as well.

So, when is the Party Down movie coming out? We will write about that soon. In the meantime, enjoy the HTTM2 trailer. Just remember it’s not safe for work.

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 will be released this Christmas.