Walking Dead has already utilized a couple of cast members from one of the all time great TV shows in The Wire. Chad Coleman went from Dennis “Cutty” Wise to hammer swinging Tyrese. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. went from questioning the whereabouts of Wallace to boozing it up at the worst possible moments as Bob Stookey. Now, Seth Gilliam is going from moving up the ranks in the Bawlmer Police Department to preaching in the zombie apocalypse.

Apparently Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman is a huge fan of The Wire and is looking to get as many actors from the show as possible. It’s a great source of talent. Every actor from The Wire that isn’t currently scheming in fictional medieval times or lecturing Yvonne Strahovski about her traitorous husband deserves another role on TV. Hell, let’s just starting bringing characters from fictional Baltimore into zombified Georgia.

I’d have to imagine that Bubbles made it out alive. Dude is a survivor. He’s probably selling white t-shirts along the remains of I-95. Bunk and McNulty are ravaging every liquor store on the east coast. I’d love to see Marlo get devoured by the undead. This can work!

Of course this all culminates in the audience finding out that Clay Davis was responsible for the zombie apocalypse. Sheeeeeeeeeit.