Hey now, Wooo, look at that! Did life really run you down? At the end of the drive, the lawmen arrive, you make me feel alive Alive ALIVE! Here’s some more Life Hacks..

-At some point, you’ll reach an age when “Pregaming” before a party means making sure you poop before going.

– If you ever are arrested for stealing hamburgers, your only option is to invoke a “Hamburgler Defense”.

– When waiting at a fast food drive thru window for your food, NEVER give in to the urge to look inside and see your food being prepared. Stare directly at your steering wheel, dummy!

– If a group of well dressed people enter an Applebee’s bar, they are either coming from a Christening, Funeral or Wedding. So basically from the beginning of a life, the end of a life or the beginning of something that makes you wish your life will end.

– Guys, it’s not wrong to be sexually attracted to the cartoon M&M people. But the female one because we aren’t freaks!