• “That dresser is from Ikea!” – A woman watching porn.
  • If you knock on my door and try to sell me something, I’m probably going to try and keep you for a few days.
  • It’s almost as if Cialis commercials WANT me to bang a senior citizen!
  • The CONstitution sounds so negative. Why not call it the PROstitution? …wait.
  • Every picture tells a story. And this one tells me that this young lady hates clothes and likes bending over a lot.
  • I literally had to drop my kids off at the pool today. Very hard to convey that message seriously.
  • Funny how the company that pays for the commercial, always wins the secret hidden taste test, isn’t it?
  • Weird how you can get tired from things you did in your dreams. I woke up feeling like I did some heavy lifting all night.
    Unrelated: my neighbor just knocked on my door to ask if I knew who flipped his shed.