Hey everyone! It’s Jim again. Life is hard, am I right!? Here are some more Life Hacks that will get you through this sad existence this imageholiday season.

– A fun thing to do at the mall is find people who vaguely look like a celebrity and ask for their autograph. I found no less than 8 Danny Devitos this week and at least 3 of them were men!

– God knows being a faithful spouse is hard but I have a sure fire way to avoid infidelity. Try being ugly. Works for me and it’s 100% effective.

– Cat Lovers: Cats really want you to look at their buttholes. I don’t have a Life Hack for this. Just accept it and look. It’s who you are now.

– The best Turkey Recipe I can think of is to get invited somewhere for Thanksgiving. Facebook makes this task really easy. A few days before Turkey Day, post a picture of store bought sliced turkey breast, a box of instant potatoes and a bottle of Budweiser with this caption , “Looks like this will be my Thanksgiving Dinner this year. 😦 “. I guarantee at least 4 invites in the comment section. (ps. This works for most holidays)