Hey you! Yes you, with the ironic T-shirt, staring at your tablet device. Don’t fret, I have this weeks attitude altering Life Hacks, ready to brighten your day.

-It’s easy to say “I’m a master ninja”. That’s why I say it. Because it’s easy. Try it.

-If you are ever in a marathon and need to find some extra juice to finish the race, pretend a mall kiosk guy is behind you, trying to get you to try a face cream.
Life hack 3

-Fun Fact: 90% of people will laugh when they don’t understand what someone just said. Which is why you should go against the grain and angrily shout , “Child please!” Instead.

-If you ever find yourself at a checkout counter without enough to pay for your item(s). Hand them all that you got and moonwalk out of the store. By the time they realize you shortchanged them , man, you’re gone.

-If you ever walk through a strangers fart in a Dollar Store, stop, drop and roll out of the store. Nothing in there is worth it.

-If it really were raining men, I’d suggest finding suitable cover before rejoicing, ladies.

-Just because you are a midget doesn’t mean you can’t drink top shelf liquor. Go wild, little man!