Hi everyone. My name is Jim Hasson. I’m 43 years old, which means I’ve experienced things from Pong to WiiU. Diff’rent Strokes to Parks and Rec. I’ve drank New Coke, Crystal Pepsi and Zima. I’ve eaten McPizzas, Dunkaroos and Ore Os cereal.

Consider that body of work proof that I can give you , the reader, the best advice in getting through life by being the best YOU , you can be. Allow me to present, my own personal Life Hacks.

– There could be no better way to leave a boring or uncomfortable conversation than abruptly flying off with a Jet Pack. Since most likely, your bank account (and stupid technology) won’t allow this, pretending you have a jet pack is equally effective.

– Religion is important to many people. This, however, shouldn’t stop you from pretending holy water burns if you are ever presented with the opportunity.

– Don’t be fooled. Most strangers on an elevator DO want to hear about the consistency, shape and regularity of your bowel movements.

– Everybody loved Borat so it’s important to fit in as many quotes from the movie into your important job interview.

Thanks everyone, I hope this helps. #blessed.