Yeah, I know Twitter is used for this stuff, but Twitter does not help me #generate #content. Tonight I am crapping all over poor Allison Williams’ dream of playing Peter Pan and live blogging NBC’s Peter Pan Live. I’m really in it for Christopher Walken as Captain Hook though. He’s a weird, weird dude and I love him for it.

8:00pm Tonight’s adult beverage shall be Snap on the rocks with a little ginger ale, because I am a big wuss.

8:01pm Already thinking I am not drunk enough for this.

8:04pm Stuffy father is killing me. TROUSERS.

8:08pm When are we going to get to the Christopher Walken factory?????

8:09pm Bad CGI, take a big drink.

8:11pm Lena Dunham was going to be Tinkerbell, but she insisted on being nude.

8:16pm Look Allison Williams is an attractive lady and I am rather…confused…at the moment…

8:19pm Thinking of Michael Jackson in South Park. Hey boys come play with me in my wishing tree!

8:21pm Hey where’s Rufio?

8:25pm Bourbon O’clock

8:28pm Friends don’t let friends give out thimbles against their will.

8:30pm Peter Pan is an elf racist.

8:31pm Peter Mayhew is doing a hell of a job as Nana.

8:36pm Tiny Town! I hope they don’t have a mole infestation.


8:41pm Yessssssss it’s Walken time! What the hell is that accent?

8:44pm Captain Hook or the shittiest living member of Ratt?

8:45 Hook hand playing piano just too unrealistic for me tbqh

8:49pm Neverland actually the home to AC/DC’s Angus Young.

8:50pm The Lost Boys basically a slightly dumber frat house.

8:52pm He said swallowed a CLOCK, right? He remembered the L, right???


8:57pm Officially has surpassed weird expectations.

9:02pm There are more top hats here than the last time I was in Brooklyn.

9:03pm I forgot what a menace Tinkerbell was. No wonder Julia Roberts played her.

9:05pm I’ve brought you home to be my new mother! – every woman’s worst nightmare

9:24pm The face of madness


9:52pm Really hoping NBC does Planet of the Apes: The Musical next year.


10:02pm Ginger and kraken for the stretch run.

10:40pm Hook fist bump yo.


10:45pm We’re almost done and Walken went full Scarface voice on us.

Thank you all for joining us for this goofy event. I had a blast documenting it, hopefully we can do this again soon.