What happened this week? “New Business” just didn’t connect. It felt scattered, off. It was probably the full load of Megan that was thrown our way. It could have been Don’s new obsession, Diana. Perhaps my expectations were just too high for one of the final seven episodes, but the whole thing just dragged along. I don’t need or expect big action and happenings from Mad Men, but I also didn’t need to see Don sign divorce papers to know his relationship with Megan was done. Weinnnnnnerrrrrrr!


Sacré Bleu!

Oh boy, the Calvets are back! Well, Marie is. In place of her communist ex-husband is Megan’s super religious sister. Megan is back on the east coast to finalize her divorce and get the rest of her stuff out of Don’s apartment. Marie openly blames Don for destroying her family, because Don Draper is the devil and should be blamed for everything, ever. Did you know he organized the Kennedy assassination? It’s true.

Look, we all know Don is an asshole. He might even be King Asshole. But does he have to get blamed for everything? He didn’t ask Marie to sneak off with Roger Sterling. He certainly wasn’t responsible for her insufferable ex-husband. And Megan? Well, that failure is on both of them. Of course, her child’s ex becomes the anti-christ, perhaps literally in the eyes of Megan’s sister (does she have a name? I tried to look it up and just stopped caring).

Marie really takes things too far when she decides to get rid of all of Don’s furniture. She even brings Roger in on things! Is there a worse friend than Roger Sterling? Hey, where did all the furniture g—oh sex! Yes, let’s have sex. This might be the most Roger thing he’s ever done.

Marie’s anger builds Megan’s up more and more. When her lunch meeting with Harry Crane turns lecherous, that puts her over the top. She must have not known Harry very well if she didn’t see that coming. Despite the fairly gentle (by Draper standards) breakup between the two, Megan is now pissed. Don destroyed her and left her for dead on the west coast. Alright, here’s a million bucks, bye bye now. And thus ends one of the most ill-advised relationships in television history.


Don and Diana

Huh, so they brought that diner waitress back for another round, eh? Is this going to be Don’s final pursuit? Diana is tortured and full of pain. I get it. She’s a reflection of Don and his old life and all that stuff. The whole thing just feels so flat. Knowing Matthew Weiner, that’s probably the point. As a television viewer, it’s simply not compelling. The chemistry just isn’t there.

The whole thing, from the first shot of Don spending quality milkshake time with his boys to his rejection from damaged Diana, is just leading to that final shot of Don in his empty apartment. It’s a great shot, but really heavy handed. Could it be that Don Draper will finally change things up after asking this question for just about seven years now? Is it time for Dick Whitman to come bursting out like the Incredible Hulk as he starts destroying New York City???


Pima Pima Pima

As for the adventures of Peggy Olson this week, she had to deal with THE Pima Ryan! Wow wow wow! Pima wears a man’s suit? Whoooooooa! The Pima side story of seducing Stan’s mighty beard was actually a breath of fresh air compared to the Calvet ladies dismantling Don’s apartment.

Let’s face it, Peggy and Stan are the best and I’d probably just watch a show about those two (and a straight out of the mental ward Ginsberg). Pima toys with Stan, preying on the frustrated artist within. She tries the same thing with Peggy, but no dice. Peggy don’t play that game. The incident seems to create a rift between Peggy and Stan. With the seed of artistic ambition planted in his mind, will Stan be in the ad world much longer?


Pete Campbell Hairline Watch

Jiminy Christmas, it’s terrible! All is going exactly as planned. Costanza Pete is coming.

But seriously, why didn’t we get to see Pete and Don go golfing? We missed out on countless Campbell sayings. You just know Pete’s a shitty golfer, constantly hitting it into the rough and trying to laugh it off. “Well gee willikers, I guess it just isn’t my day.” Shaking my damn head at you Mad Men. I demand Pete on the links.