So long, accounts pirate

The dread pirate Ken Cosgrove is finally parting with…what is the firm called right now? Well, Ken is no longer part of primary advertising company featured in the hit AMC drama MAD MEN since SC&P’s new overlords at McCann-Erickson have a bad history with him. It’ll be sad to see Ken go, but his heel turn has some real potential. His primary objective for the final days of Mad Men will be to drive Pete Campbell insane, something we can all get behind. He better tap dance into that office every day.




Curb Don’s Enthusiasm

Sometimes I want to set Don Draper’s scenes to the Curb Your Enthusiasm music. For instance, the scene where Don goes to Rachel Menken’s shiva. Don is there to pay his respects. Rachel’s mother knows what went down between them though, and she’s having none of it. She practically chased him out with a broom. I mean, it’s not like Don showed up to propose to Rachel’s corpse and steal her children away. He brought cake! He didn’t even show up drunk!

And there was the whole thing with the waitress. Sure, Don wanted to bang her because she looked like every woman he cheated on Betty with, but he didn’t want her to think it was for money! As we all know, Don will sleep with any woman, anywhere, just so long as he doesn’t have a monetary transaction with her.

Your reminder that it still isn’t easy being a woman

Peggy and Joan are pivotal Mad Men characters, showing all the trial and tribulations of being a woman in the sixties. They’ve fought their way to the top! Except they apparently haven’t, with their new overlords at McCann-Erickson still consisting of a bunch of good old boys.

Joan and Peggy are at odds here, which is a nice throwback to the early days. Peggy has resigned herself to the fact that men are pieces of shit that you have to work around. Joan, however, will not accept this. After some barbs about each other’s looks, the two key women of Mad Men handle things differently. Joan goes shopping, which doesn’t seem especially productive, but it’s early in the season and she’s rich. So that’s nice.

Peggy doesn’t go shopping, but instead goes out with a grown ass man named Stevie. Booze can make even the worst date into a damn good time. Of course, she almost goes to Paris with this guy on a whim. That’s slightly impulsive. Considering the disaster curve on Peggy’s boyfriends, I think we can all expect this one to end up losing a limb. If he’s lucky.


Who has the worse new mustache, Ted Chaough or Roger Sterling? They’re both pretty goofy. Roger’s makes him look old, like he should be the captain of a cruise ship. But a damn fun cruise ship where people are loaded 24 hours a day with a gigantic water slide. Ted’s just makes him look like he should be getting chased away from a playground in his windowless van. Ginsberg is still the Mad Men mustache master.

Pete Campbell Hairline Watch

It’s still hanging in there, and not looking quite as bad as I expected. It’s still early. I’m fully expecting fat, bald Pete Campbell by series’ end.