Recapturing that Magic

Many people reach a certain point in adulthood where they start desperately trying to relive the past. Things were good when did this, so let’s do this again! Mad Men did this brilliantly in its fourth to last episode, “Time & Life”.

SC&P was formed by Don to avoid being sucked up into the McCann-Erickson machine back in the classic “Shut the Door. Have a Seat.” He didn’t want Sterling-Cooper to change. If we’ve learned anything from Mad Men it’s that Don Draper hates three things: sobriety, the suburbs, and change. He tried the old flee to the west coast move. Everyone did their part! Everything was set up for SC&P West. Sunshine, booze, and Hollywood is just a classic Don Draper pitch away. Yeah baby!

The machine finally caught him. McCann-Erickson wasn’t hearing it. The decision was made and you belong to us for the rest of your contract. Jim Hobart framed it like a win. The team is hitting the big time. But everyone knows that this is the end of the business they love. The only one on-board is the newest member of the ownership group – Ted Chaough. He wasn’t there when a man lost his foot to a riding mower. Ted doesn’t know Sal or Kinsey or Mrs. Blankenship. The rest of the group has been there from the start. Pete’s never worked anywhere else. Joan hustled her ass off to get where she is, and now she has to start all over again. This group proudly built up their presence in the Time-Life Building and now it’s all gone.


Peggy Hates Children

Peggy Olson hates children. That’s a fact. You can look it up in historical fact books. She even had one and gave one away! She had it in the broom closet with Mr. Campbell and I saw one of the babies and it looked at me.

Nah, poor Peggy is just questioning some of her choices at this point in her life. She doesn’t really seem to ever see her family (who can blame her?). She doesn’t have much going on with her love life. She had a child young and made the choice to give him up for adoption since she in no way could take care of him. Of course having to deal with child actors and their awful parents is going to rile up some feelings.

She’s also unsure of her career in the wake of this McCann-Erickson move. Is that really where she wants to be? The headhunter she meets with has a point. A big firm is the best move for her. She’ll finally have the chance to work on a large brand and create the classic, lasting work she’s always wanted to make.


The Many Follies of Pete Campbell

We got a good dose of Pete Campbell this week. Ken Cosgrove tortured him. He had to team up with Trudy to get their child into an elite preschool in the ultimate edition of #whitepeopleproblems. He called a guy a sheep. Pete Campbell. Our Pete. He even got to punch a dude over a centuries old family feud! “Another sucker punch from the Campbells!”

Where’s my Pete Campbell spinoff announcement, AMC? I’ll write the pilot right now.


Pete Campbell Hair Watch

Still bad.


Lou is Turning Japanese, I Really Think So

The exchange of the night is a toss up between: “I feel like a spy.” “You look like one.” and Don’s final interaction with Lou Avery. Lou is leaving us all behind as he is heading for Japan to turn Scout’s Honor into a cartoon. There’s another spinoff I’d watch. Okay, maybe a web series. Lou bumbling around Japan, inadvertently offending everyone and everything sounds delightful. “Sayonara my friend! I hope you enjoy the rest of your miserable life!”