The word on the war-torn streets of fictional New York is that Robert Downey, Jr. has signed on for a major role in Captain America 3: We Already Called the last one the Winter Soldier for the purposes of the MCU version of Civil War.

In the comics, Civil War was a major event from a few years back that didn’t sit great with fans, but still sold very well for Marvel. It was a big, bombastic storyline written by Mark Millar, who only seems to know big and bombastic. This wasn’t even the first time that Millar introduced the idea of government controlled superheroes, as he had explored the idea in The Ultimates (a comic that was a major inspiration for much of the look of current Marvel movies). The story revolves around Captain America and Iron Man butting heads over a superhero registration act. The conflict ended with Cap in handcuffs and (seemingly) being assassinated  outside of a courthouse. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the nuts way to end Cap’s movie trilogy? Hey, at least it gives Chris Evans that out he’s been looking for from the role of Steve Rogers.

The conflict doesn’t necessarily have to be over the superhero registration act. There was a New Avengers: Illuminati arc where the two argued over whether to take extreme measures to solve a universe threatening situation. They could split over how best to handle the Hulk. The feud could be the finale to the great pie-cake debate (Cap is obviously a pie man).

But it will probably be the registration act, and it makes a lot of sense when you consider Steve Rogers’ story arc. The Winter Soldier saw SHIELD dismantled as Cap’s world came apart at the seams. Of course he’s not going to trust a government initiative to form a super powered army.

Why would Tony Stark fall in line? Movie Tony has been extremely protective of his tech to this point. Perhaps it will be guilt from his creation of Ultron? More likely, it’s the allure of controlling everything. Tony has such a big ego that he probably feels he’s the only one who can properly implement such a program. If you have to join ‘em, you might as well lead ‘em.

The Russo brothers are at the helm again for Captain America 3 after doing a stellar job with The Winter Soldier. They understand these characters. I have faith in whatever they decide to do with the Civil War storyline. Come on, they’re undoubtedly going to have more touch and nuance than Millar. They don’t have Spider-Man around to put in a hideous costume and reveal his identity to the world. It could be a risk to paint one of their most popular characters in a potentially villainous light, but if anyone can do that and still lay on the charm, it’s Downey. Forget Superman versus Batman, give me Iron Man versus Captain America.