I’m still too stuffed with Thanksgiving turkey to write a bunch of posts, so here’s another media dump! Today we’ve got casting news on the next James Bond flick and the Suicide Squad movie.


Bond 24


Sadly, Bond 24 is not a crossover with Kiefer Sutherland’s Jack Bauer, but rather the 24th installment in the James Bond series. Daniel Craig will be back for his 4th go around as the super spy coming off of the excellent Skyfall.

It was revealed earlier today that the next Bond will be called Spectre and feature a bunch of great villainous talent. Andrew Scott, better known as Moriarty on Sherlock (yes, that Sherlock Holmes show, not the other one) will be playing Denbigh, whatever the hell that means. Scott has been great at torturing Benedict Cumberbatch for the last few years, and should fit right in. Dave Bautista is turning his great role as Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy into the role of Bond henchman, which is very cool. Bautista has an intimidating physical presence that the Bond franchise sorely misses. Iconic henchmen are Bond’s bread and butter.

The best news, however, is that the fantastic Christoph Waltz has been confirmed for the film. He’s listed as Oberhauser, which sounds like an extra from Mike Myers’ old Sprockets sketch, but he’s probably just playing Blofeld. The internet hive mind has decided that this is the case, so this must be the case. Hopefully, between this and Bautista’s henchman character this is a return to some over the top absurdity in Bond movies. I demand a hollowed out volcano lair or something equally ridiculous.


Suicide Squad


Warner Bros is really going forward with their Suicide Squad movie, having announced its cast earlier this week. Jared Leto is playing the Joker, which seems appropriate. Leto is a weird, lanky dude and…that’s pretty much all I know about him. He seems like the kind of guy to disappear into a role, which is what the Joker needs. Yes, I’m fully aware that Jack Nicholson and Cesar Romero didn’t do that. There’s a reason that people associate the Joker with Heath Ledger and Mark Hammill. Those guys embraced the lunacy behind the makeup and purple suit.

Joining the Joker for the first time on screen will be Harley Quinn, played by The Wolf of Wall Street’s Margot Robbie. Quinn was a character that initially debuted on Batman The Animated Series that might have a difficult time being adapted to the big screen. Her defining traits are:


  1. Being madly in love with the Joker.
  2. Hitting people with cartoonishly big hammers and such
  3. Speaking in a baby doll voice before slaughtering people.


None of this is bad, but it’s tough to adapt to the big screen.

Joining this already A-list cast is one of Scientology’s favorite sons and white parents’ favorite hip-hop star, Will Smith! Smith will be playing Deadshot, who is a mercenary that doesn’t miss. You know the type. Prettttttttty sure Deadshot isn’t going to die, but who knows? He’s a staple of the Suicide Squad, and not to be confused with Deathstroke. See one’s an assassin and the other is a mercenary. Yeah. I don’t expect Smith to pop up to menace the Batman at some point, but then again Jaden’s career isn’t going to pay for itself.

Tom Hardy will be playing the group’s leader, Rick Flag. Compared to the rest of this gangle, a character like Flag seems fairly boring. Hardy pretty much oozes charisma though. Go rewatch Inception for a prime example. I’ll wait. Okay, satisfied? I’ll admit, I’m disappointed that Hardy isn’t just playing his weird Eastern European Bane here, but oh well. Them’s the breaks.

Also, Jai Courtney is playing Boomerang (who does exactly what you think he does) and Cara Delevingne is playing Enchantress, but they’re probably going to be six feet under by the end of Suicide Squad, so whatever. Jesse Eisenberg might show up as his Mark Zuckerberg version of Lex Luthor. That’s cool, I guess. The big news here is who Warner Bros wants for big boss lady Amanda Waller.


I don’t know if Oprah would ever take it, but that would be pretty awesome. Fanboy dream casting would be CCH Pounder, who perfectly voiced the character in Justice League Unlimited, but…shut up nerrrrddddsss! Viola Davis (cool) and Octavia Spencer (EEK) were also mentioned as candidates. Oprah-Waller needs to happen. I’ve been super negative about most of the DC movies planned for the next decade, but Suicide Squad could be an odd blast. Keep it weird and violent, Warner Bros.

(News links via The Dissolve and Variety)