A new dwarf planet has been discovered on the outer edges of the Solar System far beyond Pluto. It’s a small icy world with a pinkish hue called Sedna, named after the Inuit Goddess of the sea. It’s very dark out there but recent discovers lead astronomers to believe there is a large diversity of tiny worlds orbiting the sun in the Kuiper belt. In fact they have already discovered a second dwarf planet they are calling VP or Biden for short. It’s just so dark that, until now, we have been unable to detect these objects. The strange similarity of the orbit of these tiny newly discovered planets lead scientists to believe that there may be something very big out there like an unseen Earth size planet. I guess we need to get someone out there with a flashlight to look around. Perhaps next next year when NASA’s New Horizons probe makes it’s first pass at Pluto we’ll gain some more understanding of these Dwarf planets and who knows, maybe even find a few more.


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