Game of Thrones viewers watch the HBO mega show for a few reasons: gratuitous violence and nudity, dragons, Peter Dinklage, and most of all HODOR. Hodor is the one that Hodors about and Hodors everything up. He’s pretty darn Hodor.

Unfortunately, it looks like Bran Stark and his human rickshaw are not going to be in the show’s fifth season. According to Variety, Kristian Nairn told the Australian Broadcasting Channel that the characters would be taking a year off from the show.

It’s a damn shame, because their storyline was just getting interesting. Bran’s quest has often involved some of the fantastical and mystical elements on Game of Thrones. To put it in the vaguest terms possible, he reached the thing where the crazy stuff happened and I wanted to see more of that crazy stuff! I Hodoring love crazy stuff.

See you in a year guys, when Bran will be 6’5” and the Game of Thrones crew will need to go to Lord of the Rings level camera trickery to make it look like he can realistically ride on Hodor’s back.