On a recent episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart ripped all things Philadelphia.

It is nothing new for the neurotic comedian and North New Jersey/New York guy to take a jab at the City of Brotherly Love but, this time, he went on at length during an “Extinction Watch” segment.

The portion of that focused on the nation’s previous capital was prompted by a story that Ryne Sandberg, manager of the Philadelphia Phillies, claimed he got food poisoning after eating at the New York burger joint, Shake Shack.

Shake Shack has also established a presence in Philadelphia.

Stewart plays the part of embittered Mets fan very well and bits of his tirade are extremely funny. The most notable joke was, “Cream cheese, a dish that makes itself if you just leave milk out.”

You can view the diatribe here:

Some of his jokes are also a bit off the mark, including his understanding of how a cheesesteak is made or what it is made of or that Philadelphia Cream Cheese is actually made in — and from — New York.

Well, not all Philadelphians have taken jokes from his comedy show lightly.

James Kenney, a Philadelphia City Councilman, proposed Resolution No. 140493, which invited Stewart come film his show in Philadelphia for a week. The resolution was passed unanimously.

From the official document:

RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, That Council dares Jon Stewart to film a week of episodes of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart here in Philadelphia so we can prove just how wrong he is; now, therefore, be it

FURTHER RESOLVED, That an Engrossed copy of this resolution be presented to Jon Stewart wrapped in either a cheesesteak or cannoli as evidence of the sincere sentiments of this legislative body.


Here is the resolution in its entirety:


Councilman Kenney also defended his actions on Twitter:


If you need more of a reason to like Kenney, check out this letter he penned to David Tran, CEO of Huy Fong Foods, expressing his love of Sriracha and desire to bring its production to Philadelphia. The letter includes a top 10 list that begins with this:

Some trace Philadelphia’s love affair with Sriracha back to October 29th, 2008 after the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Series. Instead of admitting we were crying tears of joy, we simply blamed Sriracha saying we ‘accidentally rubbed our eyes’ after smothering our chicken wings with your addictive spicy red nectar.


h/t to Anne Lynn