I get it. I am not the target demographic for USA’s new comedy, Playing House, but I still watch it for the same reasons I watch The Big Bang Theory and Cougar Town. It’s on while I’m doing work and am too lazy to find something else on TV.

Granted, I secretly enjoy Cougar Town. It’s not good but I like it. I really don’t know why and I’m probably breaking some sort of guy code by admitting that but, whatever, take my man card.

The thing about Playing House is that it has potential. The plot is somewhat derivative — big city person moves back to small childhood town — but has a twist. Emma Crawford, played by Jessica St. Clair, is doing it to help her pregnant friend raise her still unborn child because the friend kicked her husband out for his kinky German butt fetish thing!

I mean, come on, very few primetime comedies are based around butt fetishes. It’s not like the old days, you know?

St. Clair and Lennon Parham have the potential for chemistry and witty repartee that Amy Poehler and Tina Fey share but their balance is off. Parham is too subdued and St. Clair’s take on the character screams, “I AM TRYING TO BE LIKE KRISTEN WIIG WAS IN THAT ONE MOVIE WE WERE IN TOGETHER!”

And that kills it.

If Playing House lasts long it enough, maybe the actresses will work out the kinks and find that balance. It’s more likely, though, that the bond Poehler and Fey share is a generational one.