Quentin Tarantino is a brilliant writer and director. He’s also annoying as fuck to follow in real life. A few months ago, the script to his next project, The Hateful Eightwas leaked online. Tarantino threw a fit and decided that no, he will not be making this movie because people can’t be trusted and the internet is an awful place. Then it turned out that of course he was making the movie, because he had written a whole script, and those don’t just magically appear, unless you’re Michael Bay and his Script-o-Matic 5000.

80 computer

Sure, Tarantino and Co. already read the damn thing for a room full of rich people. But we all know that it’s not about how Tarantino films end, but rather how much blood, tension, and cool dialogue we get along the way. I haven’t read the script myself, being too lazy to look it all up and then actually read through it, but I’m sure it was wonderful, with one too many racial slurs thrown in there to feel truly comfortable.

The expected cast based on a combination of those in attendance for the fancy reading and the always reliable IMDB include Kurt Russell, Samuel L. Jackson, Amber Tamblyn, Tim Roth, Walton Goggins, James Remar, Michael Madsen, Zoe Bell, and Bruce Dern. It’s nice that Quentin is around so that Madsen is getting work besides Syfy original movies.



The Hateful Eight will probably be a gorgeous western, as it’s been widely reported that it will be shot on 70mm film. And yes, this will be Tarantino’s first western, as he often calls Django Unchained a “southern.” OK. Considering his reverence for Sergio Leone, the genre is right up his alley.

Speaking of Django, he’s apparently going to be in a comic book crossover with Zorro! That sure is swell.

Finally, after confirming that he is indeed making his western at the Dynamite comics panel at San Diego Comic-Con, Tarantino was asked if he’s ever considered branching off into science fiction, and it turns out that he has! It’s difficult to fathom what a Tarantino sci-fi flick would look like, since he’s so obsessed with the seventies. He did express an affinity for Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and while there was a version made in 1978, my hopes are that he would be influenced by the sci-fi of the fifties. Basically I want to see all the weird that comes when you take Quentin Tarantino and add some Ed Wood.

Ok, not all the weird. That’s how you end up with cross dressing foot fetishes.