According to Deadline, Rian Johnson will be taking the reins for Star Wars from J.J. Abrams after Episode VII. The 40-year-old director will reportedly be writing and directing Star Wars episodes VIII and IX. That’s 8 and 9, for you geniuses that can’t figure out Roman numerals and missed out on Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge.

Johnson’s biggest film to date is the terrific Looper, but more people might be familiar with his television work on Breaking Bad. He directed 3 episodes of AMC’s hit to varying opinions. Fifty-one is a pretty good episode, although probably not the first one that comes to mind. Ozymandias might be the consensus choice for BEST EPISODE EVAR. Then, there’s Fly. Oh, yes, the one where Walter White becomes obsessed with purging a tiny buzzing impurity from his spotless lab, but it’s really all subtext about guilt and stuff. Look, you’ve probably seen it and you either think it’s brilliant or the WORST EPISODE EVAR.

Johnson’s work on Looper alone should be proof enough that he’s the right person for the job. It’s one of the better modern sci-fi movies out there, and he managed to get Bruce Willis to deliver a performance that didn’t have him visibly yawning on camera. Johnson joins directors Josh Trank and Gareth Edwards, whom Disney has also assembled to acquire more gold out of George Lucas’ mine and totally isn’t tricking into some grotesque Human Centipede-type situation.