Don Pardo was a key part of the Saturday Night Live experience. Pardo has served as the show’s announcer since it premiered in 1975. SNL has tried to go without him over the years, but it just wasn’t the same. That intro needed his iconic voice. Sadly, Pardo passed away on Monday night in his sleep at the age of 95.

Pardo was involved in a number of sketches on the show over the years, a few of which can be found over at Salon. The intro is a key part of the SNL experience. I remember it fondly from random episodes I’d catch on Comedy Central in the middle of the day on my summer vacations growing up. Even if it’s not your favorite cast, even if you hate the host and musical guest, Pardo’s voice just got you excited for the show.

So, let’s pour one out for the great Don Pardo and listen to the SNL intro over and over again.

Saturday Night Live intro from TR!P on Vimeo.