Imagine, if you will, that online gaming existed during the short-lived era of the Sega Dreamcast.

What images come to mind? Choppy graphics? Easily dropped connections? Slow speeds? Now combine that with a amateurish, discarded Nintendo Wii-style UI and you have the Sony Playstation TV.

This product is in no way ready for primetime. If anything, it may actually setback the support for a video game streaming device.

During our initial test run with the PS TV, our go-to sports game (NHL 15) was tested for user experience. Over the course of the three 5-minute periods, the device lost connection to the Playstation 4 roughly 20 times. When the game did reconnect, it occasionally fast-forwarded from where it left off, costing the user a greater loss of real-time gameplay. The flow of the game was nearly impossible to follow, as large blocks of the game were never rendered, resulting in solid color placeholders taking up a majority of the viewable area.

This first game ended in a thorough 8-0 drubbing. Five of the goals occurred when the PS TV lost connection. The other three took place somewhere behind a wall of un-rendered scenes. None of the goals were actually witnessed. Tests that followed were no better.

The PS TV’s interface may leave a bit to be desired and the graphics may be choppy more often than not. These are early adopter flaws that can be deemed acceptable. However, the Playstation TV is simply unusable. It cannot handle gameplay — especially not over WiFi — which results in it being virtually useless.

Take the $100 you considered dropping on this product and buy yourself a nice dinner or a couple of new games. Think about donating the money to charity. Heck, you could rip it up and throw the pieces in the air and it might still be a better use of the money.