Tyrion Lannister has been the spokesman for the unwanted on Game of Thrones since the show began. He assisted Bran after he was crippled. He visited the men of the Night’s Watch to gain a better understanding of their world. He often hangs out with scoundrels and whores instead of the wealthy and elite like someone with his namesake should be.

That’s because Tyrion is in such a cruddy position himself. Yes, he is wealthy and has lived relatively well, but he gets the short end of the stick oh so often. His father blames him for his mother’s death. He was blamed for the crimes of his brother Jaime when he was apprehended by Catelyn Stark. Now, he’s being blamed for the assassination of King Joffrey.

Tyrion never stood a chance in his trial. Cersei hates him more than anyone in this world and needs someone to blame for the death of her son. Tywin doesn’t care for Tyrion and wants little to do with a prolonged investigation. Swift justice shows a strong hand. Tyrion made so many enemies during his time as Hand of the King that all of them are more than happy to come back and help bury him now.

Seeing Shae throw him under the bus (cart? Hodor?) was the final straw for Tyrion. He had tried to save her with the patented Harry and the Hendersons method, but it apparently just made her bitter and resentful.

Tyrion has done so much for Shae, for King’s Landing, for his family, and has gotten nothing but torture and pain. It’s cathartic to see him lash out, even if it might mean his death. It helps that Peter Dinklage absolutely kills the material. It’s a standout scene for him, in a role that has slightly fallen to the back of the pack since he was running circles around King’s Landing in the show’s second season.

Jaime did what he could for Tyrion, but he was never meant for the Wall. Tyrion isn’t Night’s Watch material, however broken and unwanted he may be. He needs the manipulations, lies, and deceit that make King’s Landing.

Trial by combat saved Tyrion from the Eyrie, and yet again it’s his only hope. Will he fight for himself? Will Jaime fight for him this time? There’s so many questions to be answered. I only wish that Tyrion could fight Tywin himself. Oh well, I guess whatever highly skilled combatants they choose will have to suffice.

Blah blah blah

  • The Greyjoy storyline has such a weird background beat to it. It’s always struck me as odd that they refer to it as the “War of the Five Kings” when all the Greyjoys did was invade parts of the North while they were fighting the Lannisters. Yara’s invasion of the Dreadfort feels thrown into this episode. It’s setting up Theon’s next move by showing just how broken and loyal he is to Ramsay Snow, but did Yara really go all that way just to turn back? Their storyline is frustrating, especially for the house with the best sigil in Westeros.
  • Yes, Daenerys, ruling a kingdom can be difficult and boring. At least we got some fiery dragon action.
  • Davos is so much smoother than Stannis at…well, everything. The man completely lacks people and negotiation skills. I really enjoyed seeing Davos back in his element with people that don’t completely terrify him.
  • Are we going to see a second Stannis attempt on King’s Landing before we even see one from Daenerys? Come on lady, pick up your game.
  • No one has ever been more defiant and broken up about retiring to a life of luxury than Jaime Lannister.