I have been using the same razor, a Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, since it was first released something like 15 years ago. The razor is terrific and durable. The blades are second to none. However, the blades are expensive as hell, which meant that it only made sense to buy them in bulk at a store like BJ’s.

Since I don’t have much free time and am bad at planning ahead, I ran out of blades all the time and needed to find an alternative solution.

A friend has been raving about Dollar Shave Club for quite a while now. So, I looked up information on the club that advertised heavily on Facebook. It did not take long before I found a Lifehacker post suggesting that I bypass the club and by directly from Dorco, and save a ton of money along the way.

I split the difference and ordered a Dorco value pack of 10 three-blade cartridges and a razor from Amazon for $14.99. A 16-pack of refill blades runs $19.99.

For starters, three blades seems to be the right fit for me. Dollar Shave Club does not offer that option, skipping right from two to four blades. The four-blade option, called “The 4x” runs $6 plus shipping and handling (Business Insider claims it is free) and includes four cartridges per month, or $1.50 per cartridge. On Amazon, the four-blade option runs $22.99, or $1.44 per cartridge. If you order directly from Dorco, the blades run $18.70, or $1.17 per cartridge. On a per-blade basis, the difference is negligible. Assuming you use the full set of 16 cartridges per month, you can save $63 per year by buying directly from Dorco over Dollar Shave Club.

Enough of the specifics, though. The real question is, how does the Dorco Pace compare to the Mach 3 Turbo?

The truth is, it doesn’t. The Pace is uncomfortable to hold and oddly shaped. It does not come with a container to hold a refill pack. It is made of a cheaper material than the Gillette. It was not produced after spending $750 million on research and development like the Mach 3. The Mach 3 Turbo also has a lubrication strip that makes shaving more comfortable. The razor itself does not pivot very easily either, which increases shaving time.

In short, we are comparing a Lexus and a Mitsubishi. Both get you to the same end but one is a sleeker, faster and more comfortable ride. The other, well, is an economical solution that breaks down faster.