Hey there Apple,

You should probably know something. Despite what the tag lines at the end of the commercials may say, they are not as inspiring as they used to be.

I don’t know. Maybe I am powerful than I think I am. Your most recent commercial keeps telling me as much, anyway.

Your commercial, where a bunch of people cover the Pixies song, “Gigantic,” does not make me want to pick up my iOS device and play or record cover songs on it.

That being said, the song in this particular advertisement does make me want to pick up my guitar and rock out to some old Pixies songs.

The thing is, the people in your commercial do not need their phones to play this song — or any song, for that matter. It’s pretty safe to assume that these people with the expensive guitars and microphones can afford a reasonable facsimile of the amplifier and pedal(s) the Pixies used to play this song.

The ad falls short but the song is its star.

Maybe the Pixies are more powerful than you think your commercial is. Take this recent exchange with my six-year-old daughter, for example.

“Daddy, can you play me that ‘Gigantic’ song on your guitar?”

I broke out the dusty acoustic and played her a crappy version of the song. She sang along and loved it. Then we started listening to more Pixies songs, bouncing between the Doolittle and Surfer Rosa albums. She liked each new one she heard.

So, thank you, Apple, for prying my kid from the terrible pop music she hears and helping to introduce her to an awesome band.