I could go and write a review about the Parks and Recreation series finale being more emotional than funny. I could go on about the show’s evolution and understanding of its characters improving drastically in its early days. But really, I just want to say thank you.

Most of the comedy I take in these days is cynical. Everyone is jaded and everything is horrible. Parks and Recreation refused to take that route. It overflowed with positive energy. It wasn’t afraid to show emotions. It was a sweet show about the best in us. It will most definitely be missed.

From Burt Macklin to Li’l Sebastian and DJ Roomba and Treating Yo’self, and even all of the Tammys, the show was something else. It consistently made me smile when everything seemed grim. A world with Parks and Rec is a better one. Thank you for everything.

Those aren’t tears. Shut up. You’re the one that’s crying!