Hello and happy a New Year to you Untiediacs. Untiedaphiles? Untiedamaniacs? Whatever I call the 10 devoted readers of this site, I hope the holidays were kind to you and yours.

During my holiday break, I stumbled over a little film from 1991 by the name of POINT BREAK. Yes, it’s all in caps, because POINT BREAK is so extreme that its title needs to be in all caps. Somehow, I had avoided actually watching POINT BREAK to this point, despite the film being the encapsulation of early 90s culture. It even has Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers shooting himself in the foot. Oh, how I soaked in the ninetiesness of Kathryn Bigelow’s bank robbing surfers film.

Among the numerous action pieces in the film, there is one standout. No, I’m not talking about when Reeves’ Johnny Utah leaps out of a plane in pursuit of Swayze’s Bodhi. It’s the big post-bank heist foot chase, where Utah pursues Bodhi through suburbia. It starts with shit going down at a gas station and just gets crazier from there. Windows are broken, homes are trampled, Keanu is beaten by a housewife. It all culminates in the ultimate craziness of Bodhi throwing a god damn pitbull at Johnny Utah.

Bodhi Dog Throw 2

Johnny U responds in kind by punting the poor pooch away.


The entire sequence is nuts. I demand an oral history focused squarely on the puntbull. Did Keanu Reeves actually punt a dog? Was it a special stunt dog? I need to know! Get me Kathryn Bigelow’s number.