It’s April Fool’s Day, and you know what that means: good, wholesome family pranking! I already switched out my dad’s foot powder with sugar. He’s going to be super angry when he sees all the ants that attracts! It’s my favorite holiday. Let’s look back at the 5 greatest pranks of all time all you bros and brosephinas.

Jim Coburn’s Jetta is Replaced with a Handcar

Jim Coburn prepared to go to work like any other day. He got his travel mug, his newspaper, and his lunch and stepped out the door. He went to open his Jetta when he discovered something really WOW. His car had been replaced by an old timey train handcar! It must have been his best bud, Joel. What a kidder. Ever since that fateful day though, Jim has kept on using the handcar. “It rides like a dream.”

Ginger Spice Strikes

You might remember the late 90s musical phenomenon The Spice Girls. What you might not know, however, is that they were big time prank enthusiasts. While the group was coming up, they specifically picked on Ginger Spice. That was until this all-time great prank in 1997. Ginger invited the girls over to her place for some April Fool’s drinks. As it turned out, the drinks were laced with all sorts of chemicals and the other four Spice Girls spent the next 24 hours losing their minds in Ginger’s apartment as she cackled. They never pranked her again.

Granny Russell is Handed Over to China

22-year-old Mark Russell wanted to play a prank on his 85-year-old grandmother, Enid (aka Granny). Mark knew his Granny’s number one fear was China coming to collect all debts from the US government. That made it super EPIC when he arranged for a Chinese corporation to come over, throw a black bag over his grandmother’s head, and take her from their home in Jacksonville, FL all the way to Beijing. Enid’s final words congratulated Mark on his successful prank.

Skeeter Gets a Soda

So, get this. Me and my man Skeeter are hanging out. Dude forgets it’s April Fool’s Day! What a dork. He goes to get a soda from the fridge. He doesn’t know that I shook it up first. Ruined his vintage white Randall Cunningham jersey. Classic.

The Cuban Missile Crisis

Did you know that the Cuban Missile Crisis actually started out as a prank? It’s true! Sure, you won’t read that in no fancy history books, but those are all lies fed to you by the United States propaganda machine.

Back in April of 1962, the Kennedy boys got together and planted the seeds for what would become the Cuban Missile Crisis. President John F. Kennedy called up USSR leader Nikita Khrushchev well after 9pm in Russia. He pretended to be a sexy Russian lady that needed Khrushchev’s strong body to keep her warm. But she could would only meet him if he was naked outside of the Kremlin’s back door. Khrushchev waited and waited, but still no luck. The KGB traced the call back to the White House. Just like that, we had the Cuban Missile Crisis later that year.